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Fire Blanket

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Australian Safety Standard AS1851.

Fire is the biggest risk factor in a commercial kitchen as not only is there always fire present but flammable cooking oils and fats are always present as well and when the two meet the situation can escalate rapidly. It is not only common sense to have a fire blanket close by but also Australian law.

The fire blanket needs to be immediately accessible and in good condition in case of a fire emergency. A faulty, used or torn fire blanket will not perform to its manufacturing standard and must be inspected, checked and tagged according to Australian standards and also organisation requirements for that particular business.

Liberty Fire Services performs all fire blanket inspections, testing and tagging as well as reporting and advice for accessibility and safety in your workplace. Ensure your fire blanket is maintained which is a small price to pay should there be an emergency and the blanket is faulty.

Fire Blankets not only work for smothering flames on a cooktop but also for smothering the flames on clothing by smothering the flames and preventing the fire to spread by the flow of oxygen.

Make sure your business is compliant with 6 month checks, testing and tagging by Liberty Fire Services. We will make sure the fire blanket is in its assigned location according to the businesses specifications, make sure it is accessible and not obstructed, blanket signage easily seen from a distance and the correct signage, blanket in working order and installed correctly.

Our certified service agents check for damage, tampering and vermin, we make sure the blanket is in working order and we replace it back as per instructions of the manufacturer.

All our completed safety checks are followed up by a detailed report for each inspected item and additional information for improvements or defects.

Liberty Fire Services employ certified fire equipment servicing agents for all Fire Blankets test and tag services.

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