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Fire Extinguisher Test and Tag

The checking of fire extinguishers every six months is a legal requirement for all businesses housing fire extinguishers of all types and sizes. From the small 4WD fire extinguisher to trolley mounted fire extinguishers and everything in-between need to be check, tested and tagged under Australian compliance laws.

It is easy to think that an extinguisher is ok just by looking at it but there are so many issues that can affect the extinguishers’ ability to perform as it is meant to.

One common mistake is that businesses think that if the fire extinguisher has not been touched in any way, then it must be ok as no one has tampered with it. This is false. Extinguishers need to be handled to stop the contents from settling which keeps the contents active in case of an emergency.

Even though checks are required every 6 months it makes good practice to have a good look at an extinguisher while walking past to check for signs of tampering, damage or other visual elements such as missing components or infestation by bugs.

As an employer it makes good practice to familiarise your employees with fire extinguishers and encourage them to do visual inspections when passing and report even the smallest defect or concern to team leaders or managers which then in turn can make a decision to call in a professional.

In a fire emergency you want to make sure your extinguishers are in working order as the smallest or minor defect can have a massive effect on fire extinguisher performance.

Liberty Fire Services performs all fire extinguisher checks, test and tag servicing in Tasmania’s North West Coast and Central Coast with complete and thorough inspections both physical and visual, followed up by a report and recommendations.

Keep your fire extinguishers compliant with Liberty Fire Services test and tag maintenance services.

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