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Fire Hose Reels

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Fire Hose Reels are a requirement for a working environment with a 500m2 floor space or greater. One of the most common defects issued on a fire hose reel is worn parts or broken parts from inappropriate use.

Due to its high-pressure flow rate and spray distance of 4m, fire hose reels have become a tool of convenience for lazy, untrained and inconsiderate staff.

On many occasions while inspecting and testing a fire hose reel it is evident that it has been used frequently as the interlocking mechanism may be incorrectly closed, water may be dripping out, the hose has kinks or rewound poorly and even dangling onto the ground.

With an extension of 36m it is easily considered a quick solution to extend it outside to water the company grounds, spray off dirt from the floor and have even seen it used to wash cars. All these improper uses will shorten the lifespan of the unit and create unnecessary wear on parts and create potential problems in the event of a fire emergency.

Imagine having to use it in a fire……you unlock the hose and run towards the fire perhaps 15 metres away then turn the nozzle and no water comes out. You race back to find a kink in the hose still on the reel from a lazy user that wanted to rise their car before they left work. This valuable time could be the difference between saving lives and property or not.

There is no excuse for inappropriate use!

To keep fire hose reels in optimal condition, have it checked often, educate and train staff on proper usage and if walking past….take a quick visual inspection. If something looks out of place or damaged, report it to your supervisor immediately.

A fire hose reel is one of the first lines of defences in the event of a fire, it may or may not be enough to extinguish the flames but it may be enough to stop the spread of the flames or allow people to escape until the fire department arrives.

Is your fire hose reel in working order?

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