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Commercial kitchens, school canteens, high school and university home economics rooms, anywhere where you deal with cooking fats and oils on a daily basis and have potential ignition, are all required to have a safety fire blanket readily available and easily seen at all times to comply with Australian Safety Standard AS1851.

A fire is by far the biggest danger in any kitchen due to the presence of cooking oils and fats combined with the presence of fire makes the perfect combination for a fire emergency. One of the simplest safety items is a fire blanket which can be easily accessed and used to smother the flames should they be on the stove or on a person’s clothing. This can either put of the fire or control it enough until a more effective fire-fighting equipment can be used.

They don’t always have to be used to smother fires, they can be used as a shield to protect you as you escape a burning area.

A fire blanket is made from a sheet of fire retardant material of woven fiberglass of two layers and used to smother a fire, starving the flames of oxygen and preventing it from spreading. Stored in a quick-release pouch with easy access by pulling the straps and releasing the blanket.

A 1.2 x 1.8m fire blanket is required for your commercial kitchen or any business where cooking oils and fats are used on a daily basis and must comply with comply with AS/NZS 3504 manufacturing standard.

All fire blankets need to be readily accessible in case of a fire emergency. A previously used blanket, frayed edges, blankets with rips and tears will not perform to its full potential and could be a liability risk should there be an accident. Liberty Fire Services provides expert inspections, testing and tagging of fire blankets complete with reports and documentation with records of each tested fire blanket. Our service agents are certified in all procedures of fire blanket checks, test and tagging.

At Liberty Fire Services, we perform all scheduled fire blanket inspections, testing and tagging with complete reports and follow-ups for scheduled inspections every six months to keep you compliant with Australian safety standards. Our comprehensive inspections will ensure sure the fire blanket is in its assigned location according to the businesses specifications, make sure it is accessible and not obstructed, blanket signage easily seen from a distance and the correct signage, blanket in working order and installed correctly.

Our certified service agent’s will complete a concise check for exterior pouch damage, tampering of pull straps, blanket rips and holes, mounting device secure and make sure no vermin taking up residence inside the fire blanket. Once the inspection is complete it is folded back as per instructions of the manufacturer.

All our completed safety checks are followed up by a detailed report for each inspected item and additional information for improvements or defects.

Liberty Fire Services employ certified fire equipment servicing agents for all Fire Blankets test and tag services.

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