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Fire Hose Reels are an essential part of the fire safety plan for any business or workplace with a floor area greater than 500m2 under the Building Code regulations of Australia AS/NZS1221. A standard fire hose reel extends fully to 36 metres designed to deliver a minimum of 0.33 litres of water per second with a spray of 4 metres which will allow a coverage of 40 square metres.

All fire hose reels are connected to the buildings controlled supply of water and must be inspected check and tagged every 6 months according to AS1851. They can be located indoors and outdoors and deliver water (sometimes foam) at high pressure to extinguish a fire.

Liberty Fire Services provides a certified servicing agent for all fire hose reel check, test and tag requirements. Our service agent will provide you a complete result report and summary after the inspections are complete which include a register and location of the equipment tested and tagged. Recommendations will be provided for any defects or missing parts and solutions for non-compliant signage and/or missing/defect parts.

At 6 months our service agents perform a visual inspection first, looking for defects, signs of prior use or tampering, signage, accessibility and operating instructions.

A thorough check and test of parts includes the nozzle interlock, swing arm, unwinding of the hose checking for kinks or signs of tampering, water flow, leakage and tag record label with additional checks on anchor points, fittings and bearings, obstructions and vermin that may have made a home in the hose reel or fittings.

At 12 months will include all 6 month checks plus a full test of spray distance which should be approximately 4 metres.

All our inspections include a full report of hose reels checked and tested and details regarding defects, non-compliance and/or missing parts, damaged parts or incorrect positioning, signage or clearance around the fire hose reel.

Our concise records and database keeping means we can alert you to your next inspection time access to your records in times of claims or compliance checks.

Liberty Fire Services service agents and experienced and certified in all areas of fire safety equipment in the workplace, home or vehicle. Having a local service area means we can perform test and tag services, inspections and more within a short timeframe including same day services.

Fire Hose Reels should not be used for any other purpose other than fire related incidents for Type A fires only (woods, paper, plastics, clothing materials etc).

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